Modern Bathrooms

The bathroom has undergone several design changes over the years, but there have been some timeless bathroom ideas that never seem to go out of style. Bathroom remodeling can be costly and time-consuming, but with a few ideas and some creativity, a simple bathroom remodel can bring you a bathroom that is just as comfortable and inviting as the first one you remodeled. When you want to remodel your bathroom, keep in mind that the design ideas you use will be a part of your home for years to come. Some of the most common and simple ideas include:

Small bathrooms often don’t have much room for extravagant design ideas, so it’s best to keep things simple. A few bright and bold bathroom ideas that can be used in any small bathroom are detailed shelves, colorful wall accents and lots of natural light. The small bathroom is perfect for bold and detailed shelving, because the room is small, there is plenty of space to play around and you don’t need to put anything else on the floor. Adding a shelf to a bathroom helps add some depth to the room, and they are quite beautiful when placed at an angle, with lighting behind them highlighting their details.

If you love the classic look, but you’re tired of the contemporary looks, you can still create a modern bathroom remodel that still has all of the design elements you like. Choose bold paint colors, such as white or black, and choose a sleek chrome cabinet or mirror that really pops. You can also use a black, granite countertop as a base for your shelving. If you have a tub, install a large rectangular glass cabinet above it in the bathroom that has lots of coordinating shelves, hooks and towel racks. This will help make your bathroom look very roomy.

In addition to a bright and airy bathroom, you could also create a private oasis in a large bathroom with a bright and airy color scheme. Paint the walls a rich orange or lime green, with textures that contrast with the ceiling and the walls. Use a bright accent wall for your artwork and wall color, and arrange all of your linens in a pile by color or theme. The private oasis look is very modern, and a great way to create a comfortable and relaxing space.

One more modern bathroom design idea is to create a space that is simple, yet luxurious at the same time. Choose a bath that has a low circular sink that runs up to the ceiling. You can choose from a stainless steel sink with chrome faucets and fixtures, or a porcelain sink with marble and copper fixtures. If you feel like you are a little bit adventurous, you can find modern bathroom ideas that combine the two ideas, by finding a modern bathroom design idea that includes both stainless steel sinks with copper faucets. A vanity area that is separate from the shower and tub area is another excellent option for those with an elegant, yet space conscious taste.

One bathroom idea that is becoming popular with homeowners is a mosaic tile vanity. A mosaic tile vanity is a stylish way to transform the look and feel of a small bathroom. Because a mosaic tile vanity consists of many small tiles, it will not only give your bathroom a unique design, but also the opportunity to add your own personal touch. Instead of a traditional vanity with one large mirror, why not surround the mirror with several small mirrors? Or perhaps add some smaller mirrors along with a large pedestal sink and marble or copper tub, to make a beautiful statement in a modern bathroom. If you have a smaller bathroom but still want to create a welcoming space, these ideas should help.